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C-27 Army Aircraft

Contracts & Capabilities

Our Services

Software and Hardware

DESE’s experience encompasses a range of software models, including Hardware-in-the-Loop databases and architecture tools applied over a wide variety of NASA and DoD weapon programs from ground combat to short-range tactical missiles, intercontinental ballistic missile defense, space-based systems, and installation infrastructure.

Systems Engineering and Simulation

The company’s expertise extends beyond integrating existing tools. DESE develops large-scale simulation architectures for engineering design and collaboration. Other areas of experience include IV&V of simulations, threat analysis, systems engineering, design, analysis, and integration for a variety of military systems. Systems engineering projects address Ballistic Missile Defense and Theater Missile Defense system mission analysis; concept definition; effectiveness analysis; and Battle Management/Command, Control, and Communications.

Integration and Testing

At DESE, scientists and engineers provide extensive experience in integration and test and analysis activities, including integrating weapon system models ranging from small-scale, cutting-edge technology solutions to large-scale, disparate systems.

Missile Systems and Advanced Technology

With expertise in everything from concept design to specialized weapon system lab support, our teams can provide the services you need to bolster and develop specialized systems. Contact us today about our detailed engineering design and algorithm/software development skills.

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Supporting the Defense and Space Industries

DESE has developed or helped develop many products in the Defense and Space industries. Some of our customers, past and present include:

  • DEVCOM Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC)

  • MDA

  • PEO Missiles and Space

  • TSMO

  • MSIC

  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (Space Launch System)

  • Boeing

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Raytheon

  • Northrup Grumman

  • OSHKOSH Defense

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