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DESE Research, Inc. awarded 3-year,
$95 million SWIFT Contract.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center (DEVCOM AvMC) has awarded DESE Research, Inc. with a 3-year, $95M contract titled Secure Weapon-system Integration Framework for Technology (SWIFT) for development of Science and Technology solutions to secure mission-critical Aviation and Missile systems.

DESE Research, Inc. will support U.S. Army weapon systems with cyber survivability technologies, cyber assessment methodologies, and Systems Security Engineering (SSE) initiatives that strengthen the defenses of the warfighter. Through advanced Research and Development (R&D), DESE will leverage Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques, Zero Trust Technologies, and quantum resilience algorithms to foster state-of-the-art, risk-based mission assurance capabilities that inject cybersecurity into the entire acquisition lifecycle. SWIFT will be executed by the Cyber Security and System Protection division within DESE along with industry and academic partners such as the University of Alabama in Huntsville Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education.

“The DESE team is excited to lead this important work of providing cyber resiliency to Army weapon systems. We will ensure that U.S. weapons work when needed, even if under cyber-attack from adversaries,” said Michael Kirkpatrick, President and CEO of DESE Research, Inc.

March 2024

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